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As an expert of Project Management field, Web I develops and sells software products in the field of Project Management and Program Management, as well as provides various services to help our customers solve their problems.


WebI ACTY'S ORARIO(hereafter referred to as ACTY'S) is our unique Process Management Tool. 
Unlike general Gantt Chart creator,

ACTY'S produces the special BarChart, that let you move task bars freely apart from the row describing WBS information. 
Although it's operation feeling is user-friendly, ACTY'S digitalizes all your activity and related information automatically, and enables advanced project management and accelerates digital transformation.

With Multi-Dimensional View function, you can describe and examine your plan from various perspectives (viewed from task side, deliverable side, subcontractor side, resource side, etc.). 


Promio Orario

Promio Orario is the activity

collaboration system that enables you to share BarChart by using your familiar mobile device. It works in conjunction with the authority information set on Planow Orario, and easily share information meeting the user's needs only.

Kamui Orario

(Auto Schedulering engine)

Kamui Orario is the scheduling engine, featuring ultra-high-speed and ultra-preciseness. It can handle various schedule data created by WebI ACTY'S ORARIO or other production management system, and performs powerful scheduling.


PREGARE Orario is the EPM (Enterprise Project Management) system package, that make you achieve integrated project management at the business management level. 

Planow Orario

Planow Orario is a project schedule sharing system, that supports smooth and secure sharing of the project schedule information for co-operational project.

Oshika Orario

Oshika is automatic scheduler dedicated for WebI ACTY'S ORARIO, using Kamui Orario

(ultra-high- speed scheduling engine) technology and available its basic settings with reasonable price.

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