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PREGARE Orario is the EPM (Enterprise Project Management) system package, that make you achieve integrated project management at the business management level. 

Distinctive Features

PREGARE Orario can handle any scale of management segment, from integrated program management by using program management function, to budget and actual management by using the ABC (Activity-Based Costing) function that enables work package to be used as counting unit. You can also select calculation unit for planning and aggregating man-hour either by day or by hour, so you can set the unit of project management from wide variety of particle size. 

Historical management of schedule file created by WebI ACTY'S ORARIO is available, and that realizes centralized management of your schedule and project information. In addition to download for reference only, PREGARE Orario equipped with checkout function, so you can refer and update the latest schedule safely. 

Detailed authority setting is possible by applying the Role to which permission to view/edit project information is defined to each user, project or function, and that leads you to achieve secure enterprise management.

By the report function, useful reports concerning your project can be displayed on the screen, and that can be output with the format of Excel or CSV, to reuse the digital data fully and make your editing work for management material more efficient.

PREGARE Orario can be linked with various existing system in your company via API, so you can eliminate waste of time for double input for each system, and building efficient enterprise management system become available.

PREGARE Orario can be applied to wide variety of enterprise management needs, such as:
- Business management to control budgets, costs, deliverables, profits,

  man-hours, progress, etc. 
- Load management to control human or other resources such as equipment,

  vehicle, etc. 
- Actual and historical management of the project schedule

PREGARE Orario runs on a browser and each screen has its unique URL, so you can put this URL on project materials such as document or BarChart. URL Link function enables you to jump to the latest information on PREGARE Orario from scattered project materials with just one click of the URL.

Items and contents to be handled by PREGARE Orario can be customized to meet the needs of user.

System Requirements

Latest version: 14

OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 Standard Edition

Compatible browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome

[For RHEL]

Software requirements: Java-11-openjdk, PostgreSQL 12.x, Apache HTTP Server 2.4.x, Apache Tomcat 9.0.x,   Fontconfig

Hardware requirements: Server that can run the OS, Memory 8GB or above

[For Windows]

Software requirements: Java-11-openjdk, PostgreSQL 12.x Apache HTTP Server 2.4.x,

Apache Tomcat 9.0.x, Mail Server (When use Mail function)

Hardware requirements: Server that can run the OS, Memory 16GB or above

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